Small Cooling Tower For Water Chiller

Feature of High quality small cooling tower manufacturers/cooling tower price  :

1, Cooling tower is mainly used for cooling in air conditioning system, frozen series, injection molding, leather, foam, power generation, steam turbine, aluminum processing, air compressors, industrial cooling water and other fields, most used for air conditioning cooling, freezing, plastic chemical industry ;

2, Working fluid (water, oil o other liquid) flowing inside of the coils, which is enwrapped by spray water on the outside. The heat of water is transferred by coil and become the saturated vapor when meet the water and air,  the heat is exhausted out of the tower by the tower by the top fan; water is collected back to the bottom tank and circulates continuously. The spray water is cooled down via PVC radiation fin in the process of circulation, and flow is the same direction with the fresh wind. The coil mainly takes sensible heat travel style,  the most benefit of this style is can avoid scale formation on the outside of the coil. And this will apply especially to dealing with high temperature fluid (e.g. 60°C) or the fluid need big temperature difference (e.g. 60°C to 32°C)  ;

3, Closed circuit cooling tower have Attractive shape: Small dimension of shape, low height of tower, light weight of tower, and multiform layout in covering area.

Main parts material of High quality small cooling tower manufacturers/cooling tower price  :

1. Adopts the high quality PVC fill, its peak nested fan lines to enhance cold heat exchange ability, and is worth by high temperature of 60 °C, water cooling effectiveness guarantee as to the best level. At the same time with high temperature resistant type water tower supply, is worth by 60-95 °C high temperature water, especially suitable for electric power industries

2. Fan: axial flow fan, uses the advanced plastic, or aluminum alloy manufacture, every fan before they leave the factory will have been strictly set from small and balance test.

3. All metal main parts: the thick body steel manufacturing, the international standard hot galvanized antirust processing, but also provides full stainless steel fittings

4. Water towers shell and chassis, are all acid alkali corrosion resistance of glass fiber reinforced plastic senior (FRP), all pipes and water spray equipment adopts advanced plastic, need not add the lubricating oil, ensure durability.