plastic auto loader

Release time:
2017-10-21 19:18:04

Product Details

plastic auto loader:
 1.Full-automatic suction machine, saving labor and ensuring safe feeding operation;
 2.A kind of auxiliary equipment ,can be used together with kind of plastic machines and hot-wind drying machines,
 adopting international advanced technology,  it has alarm design when the material is empty;
 3.It’s made of stainless-steel
 4.Host and drums are separated individually,it also has motor over-loading protection system;
 5.Designed with Independent filter device, easy to clean;
 6.With  pump reverse function to remove dust automatically.

plastic auto loader Technical Parameters:

modelpowerConveying capacity(KG/HR)Storage capacity tube diameter(MM)sizeweight(KG)
BST-300S1KW  1Φ2006LΦ38340x340x59013
BST-400S0.75KW/1HP 3Φ2506LΦ38450x370x66027
BST-700G1.2KW 1Φ3006LΦ38560*370*29014
BST-800G0.75KW 3Φ3506LΦ38430*360*26047
BST-800G22HP 3Φ55012LΦ38660*420*37066

The specification is suject to change without prior notification